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Fostering Understanding in Our Community: Restrictions Apply

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SLO Equity: Engaging Our Community One Person at a Time


Our new SLO Equity podcast dives into the origins of systemic racism, and unconscious bias in San Luis Obispo County. It tells the stories of the minorities affected by it as well as the stories of those people working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in this predominantly white community.


Presented by the Diversity Coalition of San Luis Obispo County, we investigate how businesses, community members, local schools, and government are navigating conversations of diversity, equity and inclusion and how community members can get involved and become allies in the fight for equality.

Listen now: Episode #1 | Episode #2 | Episode #3


Find it at and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

In Memoriam

Rudy Xavier - President Emeritus


Please WATCH the recording of Examining the Antisemitic Core of the White Nationalist Movement and its Local Expressions

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The Coalition provides educational programs and resources to facilitate and advance the efforts of our affiliated individuals and organizations in order to promote and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.