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Our Mission
To build and sustain a coalition that seeks a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community through advocacy and education.


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Our Programs

School Speaker Program

Our School Speakers Program helps showcase the importance of telling our story and the importance of seeing the world from someone else's perspective.

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BIPOC Board Leadership Training

Our training aims to provide training to BIPOC professionals to be a good, effective board leader and create a pipeline of board ready candidates trained in board governance; as well as to facilitate board placement assistance for non-profits recruiting to diversify its board.

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SLO Equity Podcast

SLO Equity is a podcast that dives into the origins of systemic racism, and unconscious bias in San Luis Obispo County. It tells the stories of the minorities affected by it as well as the stories of those people working to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in this predominantly white community.

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Fostering Understanding in Our Community

Building on our School Speaker program, we connect the community with our outstanding speakers and panelists through public presentations throughout SLO County.


Equity Work

Diversity Coalition's work has focused on creating building blocks to get closer to an equitable community, but in the meantime we recognize the current barriers that our community faces, due to inequitable systems and policies.


While we prioritize educational initiatives, we recognize the urgency of tackling pressing equity challenges immediately. 

Check out our recent electrification work here.

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Women of Color Network

Women of color experience unique perspectives at the intersection of race and gender. This dual identity often results in distinct social, economic, and cultural outcomes that are not fully addressed by movements focusing solely on either race or gender. By fostering connections and celebrating their achievements, we can promote inclusivity, amplify their voices, and work towards a more equitable society for all.


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