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School Speakers Program

Our program is free. Contact our education committee chair at to make a request.

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Full Speaker List 


Holocaust survivor – she hid from the Nazis in an attic for 2 years, story similar to Anne Frank’s. She and her daughter share her story of survival.

Holocaust survivors – a couple who escaped Germany before the horrors really took hold, the wife as part of the orphan resettlement to England.  They give a detailed history of that time and the events that led up to it.


Japanese Internment survivor – was sent to an internment camp in Poston, Arizona with his family during WWII.  He shares his story and also gives the history of AAPI prejudice.


Lost Boy of Sudan – survived the horrors of the civil war in Sudan in the nineties.  His story was documented in a movie starring Reese Witherspoon.  His American sponsor can join him to tell the story of his arrival in the U.S. (2 books)


Sudanese refugee – survived the lead-up to war in Sudan, then worked to resettle other refugees, through the International Refugee Committee.

Chumash/Titavian elder – local tribal leader and historian. (book)


Actor/film writer on race and ethnicity – currently works with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to promote diversity in the film industry.  She tours the country performing a one-woman play about racial identity.  She can perform her play or do a presentation on racial issues.

Cambodian refugee and the journalist who wrote about her story -  features the author with a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Afghan refugee - worked with U.S. troops in Kabul. Left Afghanistan during the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Syrian refugees - two young sisters who grew up during the Syrian Civil War and recently escaped and resettled in SLO.

Pakistani refugee - He was persecuted for his Christian faith in Pakistan.  His journey to the U.S. was long and full of trials.

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