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On Thursday September 27, 2018, the Coalition held its Fall 2018 Quarterly General Meeting.  Coalition members and other local citizens attended the meeting at the SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel Banquet Room in Pismo Beach. 


Dawn Addis, local woman's activist and one of the founders of the Women's March San Luis Obispo and newly elected Morro Bay Councilperson was the keynote speaker.  Women's March San Luis Obispo is a non-profit organization whose courageous mission is promoting Human Rights, and Social and Environmental Justice for all people.   


Ms. Addis' presentation, "Answering the Call," had its origins in experiences of early childhood.  Even then, she realized her passion for the issues of women's rights and women's role in society.  She grappled with concerns about what taking a public stand as a young private citizen would mean for her and her family.  She decided that it was her duty as a citizen to tell her story.

In 2016, recognizing it was no longer sufficient to simply work on the sidelines to create change, she took a leap of faith and decided to enter the public arena of community organizing.  She put her skills and voice to work, drawing ten thousand people in January 2018 to the First Women's March in SLO County, the largest single-day demonstration the County has ever seen. 

The audience, enthralled by the passionate delivery of her life's story, rewarded her with a well-deserved Standing Ovation at the end of the evening.


Julius Achon visits SLO County

The inspirational Ugandan Olympic runner, survivor, and humanitarian Julius Achon visited SLO County on October 18. He addressed a large crowd at the Fremont Theater hosted by Hometown Radio host Dave Congalton. 


Achon discussed his recently opening a clinic in a remote Ugandan village, in memory of his mother who was murdered. 

Attending the presentation were several Diversity Coalition Board members who used the opportunity to purchase copies of his book "The Boy Who Runs: The Odyssey of Julius Achon" by John Brant.  Proceeds from the sale of his book were donated to support Achon's efforts.

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