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☎️ Hello? ☎️ Climate Equity is calling!

This Thursday, in partnership with the City of SLO and CAPSLO, we are organizing a Zoom for nonprofits and Community Based Organizations interested in engaging in climate equity! 

Date: June 20th

Time: 12PM-1:15PM

Virtual meeting

Lunch: Remote orders partially covered through Doordash for those registered

Registration link:

Event title: Connecting Community-Based Organizations to Climate Equity and Electrification Initiatives



What's the federal government, our state and local agencies doing around climate and electrification? How can my organization get involved? How can my work relate to climate initiatives? What funding opportunities are available for my organization?

Join us on June 20th to get an answer to these questions and more!


  • Introduction to Electrification, Carbon Neutrality Goals, and Local Climate Projects. Provide an overview of electrification, state and federal carbon neutrality goals, and local climate initiatives, ensuring accessibility and understanding for all community members.

  • Fostering Inclusive Participation in Climate Equity Work and Connecting CBOs to Funding Opportunities. Encourage and support diverse community-based organizations (CBOs) to actively engage in climate equity efforts, and facilitate access to upcoming funding opportunities to promote widespread community involvement.

  • Collaborative Resource Sharing and Mission Alignment for Effective Climate Equity Projects. Promote the sharing of resources and alignment of missions among CBOs to enhance the effectiveness and reach of climate equity projects, ensuring all community voices are heard and included in the implementation process.

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