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The Diversity Coalition San Luis Obispo County (DCSLOC) is made up of supporting organizations and individuals seeking to provide programs and resources to promote the inclusion and affirmation of diversity in our community.


As a member, you will be invited to 4 member meetings per year, you will have direct engagement with all standing DCSLOC committees, you will have a voice in how this coalition supports our community concerning issues of diversity, you will have direct input into creating school curriculum as well as community outreach programs.



Membership & Sponsorship

Affiliated Non-Profits                                                       FREE

(Non-profit Charities)


Member                                                                             $   25 Annually

(Individual Concerned Citizens)


Donor                                                                                $  250 Annually

(Individual Concerned Citizens)

Sustaining Member                                                           $  25 Monthly

(Individual Concerned Citizens)

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