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"Arboring Our Roots of Diversity"

On Thursday June 1  2017, the Diversity Coalition, presided, in conjunction with Lucia Mar Unified School District officials, at the unveiling ceremony of a major public arts work, installed at the entrance of Arroyo Grande High School.


The 11-foot tall sculpture entitled “ARBORING OUR ROOTS of DIVERSITY”, designed by three Arroyo Grande High School students, and constructed under the direction of Jim Trask, a well-known local sculptor and artist,  now serves as a prominent public symbol of the need for an understanding and acceptance of the equality of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and all the physical and mental abilities, comprising our individual identities, as well as a constant reminder that this equality is an essential component of any proud, peaceful and prosperous community.


The sculpture is funded by the Coalition with the generous support of numerous local Donor organizations and individuals.

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